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Physicians / Faculty

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery has over 20 clinical faculty who serve the OSU Wexner Medical Center. Our faculty have extensive training in such subspecialties as facial-plastic reconstruction, audiology, balance, voice disorders, cranial base surgery, otology and neurotology, and more.


Regular Faculty

Adunka, MD

Amit Agrawal, MD
Agrawal, MD

Arrese, PhD, SLP

Lauren Bakaletz, PhD
Bakaletz, PhD



Ricardo Carrau, MD
Carrau, MD

Castellanos, PhD

Longsheng Chang, PhD
Chang, PhD

Chiang, MD

Eugene Chio, MD
Chio, MD


Curtis, MD

Brad W, deSilva, MD
deSilva, MD

Edward E. Dodson, MD
Dodson, MD

Charles Elmaraghy, MD
Elmaraghy, MD

Garth Essig, Jr., MD
Essig Jr., MD


Farag, MD

   Findlen, PhD

L. Arick Forrest, MD
Forrest, MD

Fox, MD

Jonathan Grischkan, MD
Grischkan, MD


Houston, PhD

Kris Jatana, MD, FAAP
Jatana, MD

Stephen Kang, MD
Kang, MD

Kim, MD, MPH

Pawan Kumar, MS, PhD
Kumar, MS, PhD


Jas Lang, PhD
Lang, PhD

Meredith Lind, MD
Lind, MD

Prashant Malhorta, MD
Malhotra, MD

Laura Matrka, MD
Matrka, MD

Aaron Moberly, MD
Moberly, MD


Mroz, PhD

Nogan, MD

Ogbogu, MD

Matthew Old, MD
Old, MD

Brad Otto, MD
Otto, MD


Enver Ozer, MD 
Ozer, MD

Quintin Pan, PhD
Pan, PhD

Raveendran, MD

Rocco, MD, PhD

James Ruda, MD
Ruda, MD
Minka Schofield, MD
Schofield, MD
Theodoros Teknos, MD
Teknos, MD


Wada, MD

Walz, MD
Gregory Wiet, MD
Wiet, MD

Zhao, PhD


Community Faculty

Pema, DO


Joint Faculty

  • Lauren B. Bakaletz, PhD
  • Eric Bielefeld, PhD
  • Long-Sheng Chang, PhD
  • Maura L. Gillison, MD, PhD
  • Mark E. Inman, MBA
  • Claudia M. Kirsch, MD
  • John McGregor, MD
  • Daniel Prevedello, MD
  • Donald L. Stredney, MA
  • Paul E. Wakely, Jr., MD
  • Christopher M. Weghort, PhD


  • Kamran Barin, PhD
  • Thomas F. DeMaria, PhD
  • Don E. Gebhart, MD
  • David J. Lim, MD
  • Howard W. Lowery, MD
  • William Melnick, PhD
  • Andrew W. Miglets, Jr., MD
  • William H. Saunders, MD
  • David E. Schuller, MD
  • Hua Hua Tong, MD
  • Victor R VerMeulen, MD