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Patient Care

Edward E. Dodson, MD

Edward E. DodsonPatient Care Forms

Pre-Operative Instructions
Children's Hospital (PDF: 33k)
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (PDF: 33k)
The Ohio Surgery Center (PDF: 33k)
University Hospitals East (PDF: 33k)

Post-Operative Instructions
Chronic Ear Surgery (Tympanoplasty / Mastoidectomy)
Cochlear Implant
Ear Tubes
Endolymphatic Sac Decompression / Shunt
Gentamicin Perfusion / Otowick
Tonsillectomy / Adenoidectomy
Stapedectomy/Ossicular Reconstruction / Middle Ear Exploration

Appointment Forms
Initial Visit - Adult (PDF: 33k)
Release of Information (PDF: 23k)
Initial Visit - Pediatrics (PDF: 33k)
Established Patient Updates (PDF: 33k)

Office Locations

Stoneridge Medical Center
Eye and Ear Institute

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