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The work we do is possible only with the support of families who participate in our research studies. Listed below are several publications that highlight the different research studies in our lab. 


Houston, D.M. & Bergeson, T.R. (2014). Hearing versus Listening: Attention to Speech and Its Role in Language Acquisition in Deaf Infants with Cochlear Implants, Lingua, 139, 10-25.

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Cristia, A., Seidl, A., Singh, L., & Houston, D.M. (in press). Test-retest reliability in infant speech perception tasks. Infancy.


Phan, J., Houston, D.M., Ruffin, C., Ting, J., & Holt, Rachael, F. (2016). Factors affecting speech discrimination in children with cochlear implants: Evidence from early-implanted infants. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 27, 480-488.

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Ma, W., Golinkoff, R.M., Houston, D.M., & Hirsh-Pasek, K. (2011).  Word learning in Infant- and adult-directed speech. Language, Learning, and Development, 7, 185-201.