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Department Timeline 1914-2014

September 1914:The Ohio State University Department of Otolaryngology is established under the direction of John Edwin Brown, MD.


1916: OSU and Children’s Hospital begin their affiliation.

1923: Hugh Beatty, MD, becomes departmental Chair. He is instrumental in founding The American Board of Plastic Surgery.


1929: Ophthalmology splits from Otolaryngology to form its own specialty.

1928: First bronchoscopy clinic west of the Alleghenies, opened by Hugh G. Beatty, MD.

1933: Otolaryngology provides medical care for University Hospital, Children’s Hospital and St. Frances Hospital.

1937: A 2-year combined Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology residency program is approved.

1951: Russell G. Means, MD becomes departmental Chair. He is instrumental in helping Charles Doan, MD, get approval for the new University Hospital.

1947: A 3-year separate residency program is approved.

1952: Edward W. Harris, MD, becomes departmental Chair.

1952: Residency Program gains Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education status.

1958: Otolaryngology residents begin training in allergy. They are taught by Dr. French Hansel in St. Louis.

1954: Professor John J. O’Neil of the Department of Speech begins training and instructing the residents in the science of audiology.

1961: William H. Saunders, MD, becomes the first physician to perform a septal dermoplasty surgery.
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 1963: William H. Saunders, MD becomes departmental Chair. As the first full-time staff member, he is credited with building the department to its modern-day structure.

1967: David Lim, MD, takes over operation of the Otologic Research Labs.
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1964: Opening of the Otologic Research Labs, initiated by Michael S. Paparella, MD.
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1977: The Head and Neck Oncology program is established under the direction of David E. Schuller, MD.

1983: Associate Professor Charles W. Stockwell works with the US Navy to examine the cause of dizziness. The Navy develops a head oscillation test to see if inner ear lesions cause dizziness.
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1987: Dermatologist Ronald Siegle, MD, uses new OSU Pioneers carbon dioxide laser technology to remove benign and malignant skin cancer growths.
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1984: David E. Schuller, MD becomes departmental Chair. He extends the residency program to 5 years.

1988: Andrew Migletts, MD, becomes the first physician in Central Ohio to perform a Cochlear Implant Surgery in an adult patient.

1988: That same day, D. Bradley Welling, MD, PhD and Howard Lowrey, MD, become the first physicians in Central Ohio to place a Cochlear Implant in a pediatric patient.


1989: Beginning of the OSU Balance Disorders Clinic; only 1 of 3 in the US.
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1988: Opening of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute under the direction of David E. Schuller, MD.
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1993: Opening of Voice and Swallowing Disorders Clinic under the direction of L. Arick Forrest, MD, and Michael Trudeau, PhD. This is the first of its kind for the treatment of patients with voice disorders and continues to be one of the few centers of excellence in the US for voice & swallowing disorders.

1995: Project EAR makes its first mission trip to Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic.


2005: The department becomes an LLC.


2005: D. Bradley Welling, MD, PhD, becomes departmental Chair.


2006: Addition of a General Otolaryngology practice.

2006: First mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua.


2007: Addition of a Facial Plastic’s Practice.

2007: Addition of a Speech and Hearing Science Research Department.


2007: Voice and Swallowing Disorders Clinic collaborates with the Department of Music and Department of Speech Pathology in a Doctorate-level program. Becomes the first of its kind.

2008: Theodoros Teknos, MD, is named Director of the Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery program.


2008: Addition of a Sinus practice.



2008: Addition of a Head and Neck Research Group.


2009: Addition of an Allergy practice. Karen Calhoun, MD, is the first allergy physician in Central Ohio to offer Sublingual Immunotherapy as a treatment for allergies.

June 2009: Opening of Eye & Ear Institute.

2010: Addition of a Sleep Surgery practice.

2012: The Joan Levi Bisesi Foundation for Head and Neck Cancer Research starts the Dental Partnership program under direction of Theodoros Teknos, MD: early detection of oral cancer.

2014: The Departments ranks 15th in the nation by US News & World Report, the only one ranked in Central Ohio.



2010: Enver Ozer, MD, becomes the first otolaryngologist in Central Ohio to perform a Robotic Thyroidectomy.

2011: Internationally renowned Skull Base Surgeon Ricardo Carrau, MD, joins the Head and Neck Oncology team. Instrumental in the creation of a Skull Base practice in collaboration with Neurosurgery and internationally renowned surgeon Daniel Prevedello, MD.

2012: Addition of a Chronic Cough Clinic. A collaboration between Eugene Chio, MD and Pulmonologist Jonathan Parsons, MD.


2014: The department turns 100!