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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Voice and Swallowing disorders Clinic has been in existence since 1993. The center was one of the first of its kind for the treatment of patients with voice disorders. It continues to be one of the few centers of excellence in the country for voice and swallowing disorders.  The clinic was founded by  L. Arick Forrest, M.D.,MBA and  Michael Trudeau, PhD. Combined they have over 40 years experience in treating patients with laryngeal disorders. Dr. Forrest completed his fellowship in Laryngology with Dr. Robert H. Ossoff, DMD, MD at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Forrest was one of the first Otolaryngologists in the country to complete fellowship training in Laryngology. Both Dr. Forrest and Dr. Trudeau are nationally recognized experts in the treatment of voice disorders.

Eugene Chio, M.D., completed his residency training at The Ohio State University Dept of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and has been a part of the Voice and Swallowing Disorders clinic since 2009. He sees all patients with voice and swallowing disorders and has special clinical interest in diagnosis and treatment of throat cancers, Zenker's diverticulum, vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord dysfunction, and chronic cough.

Brad deSilva, M.D., completed his residency training and Laryngology fellowship at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.  He has advanced training in care for the professional voice, endoscopic and open techniques for laryngeal surgery, and awake fiberoptic procedures for vocal cord pathology and esophagoscopy.  His clinical interests include treatment of all voice and swallowing disorders, vocal cord paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, Zenker's diverticulum, and glottic/tracheal stenosis.

Laura Matrka, M.D., completed a laryngology fellowship at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio in Voice and Airway Disorders with Dr. Blake Simpson after her Otolaryngology training at The Ohio State University.  Her clinical interests include professional singers, other voice and airway disorders, and office laser procedures.  She is currently involved in clinical research on vocal cord nodules, vocal cord granulomas, and airway changes in smokers with sleep apnea.

The Clinic specializes in the care and treatment of professional voice users and has a vast experience in the treatment of singers. The Voice Clinic is currently involved in a one of a kind collaborative Doctorate level program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center with the Departments of Music and Speech Language Pathology for the training of music educators. This is the only program of its kind and will begin this January with international applicants.

Recognized as a center of excellence in its treatment of laryngeal cancer and vocal cord dysfunction, they have a focus on quality of life improvements after cancer therapy. The clinic has state-of-the-art technology in the diagnosis of voice and swallowing disorders.  In addition to the previously mentioned clinicians, the clinic is benefited by the experience of Jennifer Thompson, CCC-SLP and her interest in vocal cord dysfunction and swallowing disorders. The OSU Voice and Swallowing Clinic provides comprehensive care for all laryngeal disorders including spasmodic dysphonia with Botox therapy, laryngeal EMG, laryngeal reconstruction, voice and singing therapy, and the comprehensive performance package for professional singers. For any additional information concerning the clinic please contact the Department of Otolaryngology Voice and Swallowing Clinic at (614) 293-0363.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Voice & Swallowing Disorders Clinic offers a collection of diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals with voice and swallowing complications using state-of-the-art diagnostic devices.  Specializing in the care of Professional Voice Users, the Head and Neck Cancer population and individuals with Paradoxical Vocal Cord Dysfunction, our diagnostic services include:

  • Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES): completed to assess the pharyngeal/laryngeal phase of swallowing. Each patient is observed consuming foods and liquids for evaluation of aspiration, penetration, and pharyngeal and laryngeal phase dysfunction.  This exam is superior to the MBS for determining trace aspiration without exposing the Patient to radiation.
  • VLS (Videolaryngostroboscopy): Used to assess the function and structure of the laryngeal and pharyngeal musculature. Indications for this test include hoarseness, vocal fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, singing difficulties, odynophonia, velopharyngeal insufficiency (nasality), and symptoms suggesting laryngopharyngeal reflux (cough, globus sensation, throat clearing, morning hoarseness).  The Wexner Medical Center Voice & Swallowing Disorders Clinic is specially trained to evaluate and treat Patients with Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction (a disorder that mimics asthma).
  • Head and Neck Cancer Patients face many challenges including possible speech, swallowing and resonance disorders. We offer therapeutic services for these complications as well as pre- and post-surgical counseling.
  • Professional Voice Users (singers, actors, ministers, etc) visit our Clinic with various voice complaints. We offer diagnostic and rehabilitative services to these individuals.  An evaluation is highly encouraged Professional Voice Users during an asymptomatic period in order to document his/her baseline laryngeal status.


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Division Contacts:

Dr. Brad deSilvaBrad W. deSilva, MD
Division Director
Phone: (614) 293-0363
Fax: (614) 366-4345

Eugene Chio, MDEugene Chio, MD
Phone: (614) 293-0363
Fax: (614) 366-4345
L. Arick Forrest, MDL. Arick Forrest, MD,MBA
Phone: (614) 293-0363
Fax: (614) 366-4345

Laura Matrka, MD
Phone: (614) 293-0363
Fax: (614) 366-4345

Department of Speech and Hearing Science

110 Pressey Hall
1070 Carmack Rd.
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Jennifer Thompson, MA, CCC-SLP
Clinical Voice Pathologist
Voice & Swallowing Disorders Clinic
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Phone: (614) 293-0363

Michelle Toth, MA, CCC-SLP
Clinical Voice Pathologist
Voice & Swallowing Disorders Clinic
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Phone: (614) 293-0363


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