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The Division of Sinus and Allergy works to provide the best sinus and allergy care available in Columbus and central Ohio as well as in the nation. Our department has been recognized as one of the top ear, nose and throat programs in America by US News and World Report Best Hospitals. Our top doctors and surgeons have been acknowledged nationally for their expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of sinus and allergy related disorders. The Division receives funding from the National Institutes of Health and other prestigious organizations to carry out research to help treat patients with severe forms of sinus disease and allergic disorders. The Division physicians specialize in the medical and surgical management of a broad range of diseases from nasal obstruction and rhinosinusitis to complicated conditions involving the nose, sinuses, and anterior skull base. We evaluate whether allergies are contributing to these problems and, if needed, provide allergy immunotherapy in the form of shots or drops. We work to improve each patient’s nasal and sinus health.

Common diagnoses treated by the Division of Sinus and Allergy

• Nasal obstruction • Epistaxis
• Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis • Allergic asthma
• Nasal polyposis • Chronic rhinorrhea (nasal drainage)
• Food and stinging insect allergies • Urticaria (hives) and angioedema
• Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis • Facial pain related to the sinuses
• Smell and taste disorders • Chronic cough secondary to sinusitis
• Reduced nasal patency from allergic
  and non-allergic rhinitis

Regional and national referral center for the following treatments:

  • Fungal sinusitis
  • CSF leaks from the anterior cranial base
  • Inverting papilloma
  • Allergic nasal drainage and obstruction
  • Reactive airway disease secondary to sinusitis
  • Reactive airway disease and asthma due to allergies
  • Recurrent sinusitis despite previous surgery
  • Autoimmune disease related sinusitis
  • Complications of sinusitis
  • Nasal and sinus neoplasms
  • Care of the sinuses in immunologically-compromised patients

The Division physicians have special expertise in the latest technologies directed at the medical and surgical care of the nose and sinuses including: computer image guided endoscopic sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty, radiofrequency reduction, and acoustic rhinometry. Traditional immunotherapy by injection is offered, as well as the newer form of immunotherapy in drops under the tongue. Since the drops may be taken at home from the beginning of treatment, this is convenient for people who are very busy or travel frequently, as well as children and others who wish to avoid needles.

Division Contacts:

Karen Calhoun, MD
Phone: (614) 366-1825
Fax: (614) 293-6176
Bradley Otto, MD
Phone: (614) 366-6221
Fax: (614) 293-6176
Casey Curtis, MD
Phone: (614) 366-3687
Rekha Raveendran, MD
Phone: (614) 366-3687
Alexander Farag, MD
Phone: (614) 366-9336
Fax: (614) 293-6176
Phone: (614) 685-9909
Fax: (614) 293-6176

Charity Fox, MD
Phone: (614) 366-3687


Kara Wada, MD
Phone: (614) 366-3687

Princess Ogbogu, MD
Phone: (614) 366-3687


















Contact any of our Division of Sinus and Allergy officers to set up an appointment with one of our dedicated staff. Turn to OSU ENT for your ear, nose and throat doctor in and around Columbus, Ohio.