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Skull Base Surgery

The Cranial Base team at the OSUCCC – James offers a wide variety of tailored treatments to patients affected by benign and malignant tumors of the skull base. Our Cranial Base Program is one of a select few of its kind in the country and is being led by two internationally renowned surgeons: Dr. Ricardo Carrau (otolaryngology) and Dr. Daniel Prevedello (neurosurgery). The team brings a unique set of endoscopic skills that place The Wexner Medical Center at the forefront of this type of surgery worldwide.

Operating trans-nasally, surgeons are able to treat pituitary adenoma and malignant tumors of the anterior and mid-skull base. Our highly specialized three-dimensional navigation system allows us to pinpoint the exact location of disease in the cranial base in relation to the optic nerve, carotid artery and brain tissue to safely excise the tumor while sparing surrounding tissue and structure.

Our patients benefit from the resources available to us as an academic medical center. For instance, for tumors too large to safely remove intact trans-nasally, our surgeons are highly trained in a variety of other procedures, such as open cranial base approaches. These allow state-of-the-art therapy for complete tumor excision with minimally invasive external incisions.

The Cranial Base Center at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center provides personalized management of cranial base disorders, consolidation of visits for patients and an international concierge service for patients outside the United States.

Sagittal Sinus
cross-section of skull base
Anterior Sphenoid Sinus
anterior view of sphenoid sinus

Division Contacts:

Ricardo Carrau, MDRicardo Carrau, MD
Phone: (614) 293-8074

Bradley Otto, MDBradley Otto, MD
Fax: (614)293-9698

Matthew Old, MD Matthew Old, MD
Phone: (614) 293-8074

Daniel Prevedello, MDDaniel Prevedello, MD
Phone: (614) 293-7190