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Head and Neck Research Group

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Head and Neck Research Group 1

Back row (from left to right):

  • Quintin Pan, PhD, Professor, Vice Chair of Research, Director of Head and Neck Oncology Research Program, and Co-Leader of the OSUCCC Translational Therapeutics Program
  • Mozaffarul Islam, PhD, Research Scientist
  • Bhavna Kumar, M.S., Program Director
  • Manchao Zhang, PhD, Senior Research Associate-B/H

Front row (from left to right):

  • Theodoros Teknos, MD, Professor
  • Pawan Kumar, M.S., PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Yanjun Hou, PhD, Research Associate 1-B/H
  • Arti Yadav, M.S., Research Assistant 2-B/H
  • Hongpen Liu, M.S., Research Assistant 2-B/H