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Nasal Physiology and Therapeutic Center


The mission of the Nasal Physiology and Therapeutic Center is to study the interplay between nasal airflow, nasal obstruction, loss of smell, and nasal sinus disease. Since the main physiological function of the nose is the passage of airflow, conditioning that airflow, and sensing the odor within the flow (smell), it is important to understand one major question, how does the nose recognize adequate airflow to meet these functions? By exploring the answer to this question, our aim is to better understand what causes nasal obstruction, leading to a better understanding of the nature of nasal sinus disease, and ultimately optimizing treatments or surgical options for nasal sinus disease.



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Who We Are


Kai Zhao, Ph.D.

Alexander Farag, M.D.

Brad Otto, M.D.

Bhakthi Deshpande, M.A., Clinical Research Coordinator

Chengyu Li, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Researcher

Kanghyan Kim, B.S.