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NIH Research Funding

Lauren Bakaletz, PhD 09/30/1999-07/31/2020 NIH/NIDCD
Determinants of H. influenzae Virulence in Otitis Media R01DC003915


Irina Castellanos, PhD 04/01/2017-03/31/2020 NIH/NIDCD
Psychosocial outcomes on deaf children with cochlear implants R21 DC016134


Tendy Chiang, MD 07/14/2017-06/30/2022 NIH/NHLBI
Mechanisms of Regeneration in Tissue Engineered Tracheal Grafts K08 HL 138460-01


Derek Houston, PhD 12/1/2015-06/30/2020 NIH/NIDCD
Infant-directed Speech and Language Development in Infants with Hearing Loss R01DC008581


Aaron Moberly, MD 04/01/2017-03/31/2022 NIH/NIDCD
Variability in Speech Recognition for Adults with cochlear Implants: Bottom-up and Top-down Factors K23DC015539-01


Quintin Pan, PhD 04/08/2015-03/31/2020 NIH/NCI
Cancer Initiating Cells and Treatment Resistance R01CA193590


Qunitin Pan, PhD 05/06/2015-04/30/2020 NIH/NIDCR
Role of P300 in HPV-Positive Head and Neck Cancer R01DE023555


Quintin Pan, PhD 02/01/2016-01/31/2020 NIH/NIGMS
p53/Rb Reactivation Modulators for HPV-positive Head and Neck Cancer R01GM117921


Kai Zhao, PhD 12/1/2014-11/31/2018 NIH/NIDCD
Objective Evaluation of Conductive Olfactory Losses & Nasal Obstruction Symptoms R01DC013626